things to do in boston: rent a breather

have you ever had the feeling of gogogo in boston? you know, everything is moving so fast and you're doing all the things out and about in the city and you could just use a moment of quiet? or a place to get some work done? breather understands.
breathers are gorgeous, private spaces right in the heart of boston (and other cities!) that can be reserved for any length of time, from 30 minutes to a whole day of work. whatever suits you. they're spacious, beautifully curated, and they have conference tables and white boards, in case you need your breather to hold a meeting. for people who work from home or with small businesses, breathers can be perfect for hosting client-facing meetings. and if you don't want to have a meeting and you're just looking for a place to decompress, breather has you covered. spaces have their own yoga mats that you can use to get your downward-facing dog on. they're also great for exploring a different part of the city! breather currently has places in boston on boylston street, on gloucester street, and in harvard square!
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breather's also super easy to use thanks to their mobile app; you can do everything from exploring spaces, to booking your stay, to checking in and receiving your PIN to unlock the door, to rating your experience. everything. and your phone is probably in your hand right now, or at least right next to you, so i know how important mobile is to you ;)

when i first was approached to test one of these cool spaces out, i wasn't sure how to best use the space. currently, my 9-5 (ehhh more like 8:30-4:30) is spent in my office, and weekends are spent in the shop. and i wasn't sure if blogging would be the best use of such a gorgeous space. but! sarah and i recently came up with a new and exciting project, and we used our breather experience to film this new and exciting project. i promise, we'll have more to say soon. like, probably on wednesday. yes, that was a hint.

oh and! and! you're first hour in a breather is on me! use the code LITERALLYEVERYTHING to get one free hour in these gorgeous spaces. really, give it a shot. i think you'll like it.

disclosure: i was provided two complimentary hours in breather in exchange for this post; all opinions are my own!

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