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this week was both fast and slow all at once, but i guess that's summer in general lately. especially these lazy, hazy days we've been having in boston lately. alas, it's hard to believe we're almost half way through the month!
+ sarah and i visited pure cold press this week, and enjoyed their vegan salads and the yummy juices. the above green juice was the right amount of sweet and spicy (thanks to the ginger). i highly recommend.

+ we didn't have a winesday this week because of the fourth of july, but you can still check out episodes 1 and 2! we'll have a new episode up next wednesday.

+ this story from buzzfeed has been making the rounds on my facebook. it explains how the u.s. has been saying a lot of things about improving education in afghanistan, but a lot of these claims are exaggerations and often outright lies. as one of the country's big "achievements" from the war, this is a huge problem, and i'm curious to know what you all think of it.

+ i'm in love with this cutout sundress from madewell, and it's currently 30% off with the code cooloff.

+ i loved this interview with alice gao about her beauty routine. mostly, i just love hearing from other beautiful asian women because i often feel we are underrepresented in the beauty industry and these sorts of profiles.

+ i recently added this vitamin b cleansing oil from one love organics to my beauty routine and my god. the smell, the texture. it's perfect for lazy girls who want to get their makeup off and cleanse all in one. plus it leaves my skin so hydrated! bonus.

+ the nordstrom anniversary sale isn't for another week, but if you have a nordstrom card you can get early access! don't have a card? no biggie. you can still browse and add items to your wishlist for when the sale kicks off next week!

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