things i've been loving lately

i've added a few new fun things to my life lately, and i think you might like them too. how presumptuous of me, right?
+ i got stir after i saw it on rachel's instagram, and i finally got a chance to start reading it. i'm not that far into it, but so far i love it. jessica has a very distinct voice and story, and her recipes sound delicious. highly recommended.

+ i've been on the hunt for a signature scent for years, and i think i finally have it! lurk's rsw005 is light and slightly masculine thanks to the sandalwood notes, and lasts all day.

+ i picked up these new balance running shorts mostly because they're highlighter yellow, but also because they're breezy and stay put when i run. ideal, especially because i'm not trying to show my booty to all of boston.

+ it's been hot and sweaty, and that combined with the pollution of the city has made my skin less than stellar. lots of little bumps that aren't really pimples, but more like congested pores. i've been using this sw basics exfoliant every few days and it's helped me immensely. plus the price is nice. IDEAL. i like to follow it up with a toner and then an oil; i use indie lee's squalane oil in the morning, and regular ol' jojoba oil at night.

+ craig and i decided the old side table i'd had since i was 16 had to go, so we replaced it with this bar cart to hold our record player and records. it's perfect, big without being bulky, and much more refined.

+ also if you're at trader joe's anytime soon, the dark chocolate covered honey grahams are out of this world and a perfect snack. sorry if you eat the whole box.

ok enough from me, anything you've been loving lately?

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