links lately (+ thoughts on change)

it's been a while since i left some links for you guys, and i apologize (to the four of you left who like this). this summer has been filled with changes for me. last friday was my last day at simmons college, and it was so bittersweet for me.

i spent the last two years at simmons. i accomplished so much, learned so many things, and grew exponentially as a digital marketer and as a real live human. i made one amazing friend, and have so many memories. but it was also stressful at times, and when the opportunity presented itself to learn something new and continue a different kind of growth, i couldn't let it slide past. so i left.

i planned my wedding working at simmons, i got married while i was there, i finally crossed the marathon finish line, i changed my name, and countless other momentous moments all happened there. it was a great home for the last two years, and i think it's helped build me into a better version of myself.

thanks for bearing with me here while i made these changes. i know in the last five years i've done my fair share of vague blogging about dumb stuff and i think that's annoying. i'd rather be upfront and honest when things finally allow themselves to be open. so hey! i got a new job! at a really cool company called wayfair and i'm so excited!

anywho, enough rambling from me. here are some links to get you into your weekend!
+ this weekend is tax-free weekend in massachusetts, but remember to give small businesses some love! here's my guide of small businesses i love who deserve some of your dollars this weekend.

+ new releases are coming to netflix and a lot of these look really good (via refinery29).

+ madewell is having an extra 30% off sale this weekend with the code splash30! i picked up these white jeans. because i'm just asking to spill marinara sauce on myself.

+ oh anddddd i added this cute top from jcrew to my closet because LOOK AT IT! so cute.

+ and on that note, i desperately need to clean out my closet and i'm thinking the life-changing magic of tidying up will help me. hopefully.

+ let's round this out with a longread about co-living. it's an interesting concept, but not one i think will necessarily work. we'll see.

i hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

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