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+ thank you for all the sweet comments on tuesday's post. sometimes i throw that kind of stuff into the internet and worry that it goes no where. it's refreshing to know it is read and i'm not alone.

+ simons shoes in brookline is collecting shoes for big brother big sister through september 2! if you have any you've been thinking of getting rid of, bring them over to 282 harvard ave!

+ the new york times article about amazon made the rounds last week, but on the off chance you haven't read it, i highly recommend you do. work environments are a big deal, and i think a lot of companies are putting more emphasis on making work super cool, but at what cost?

+ i picked up a new pair of black jeans from madewell this week; pro tip, if you bring an old pair of jeans in to a store, you'll get $20 off a full priced pair!

+ and if you haven't seen the latest episode of winesday, i recommend you watch. because we did yoga. oof.

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