on remaining humble

i worry sometimes that the art of remaining humble is becoming obsolete.
i hesitated with writing that because it seems extreme, tragic, melodramatic. but sometimes i feel as though people are more focused on what they have and how to flaunt it than, well, not doing that.

i think there's a fine line between being proud of your work and bragging. between ownership and flaunting. i've met a lot of amazing women who have done amazing work and built companies from scratch. they've blown me away with their talent and intelligence, but mostly with their commitment to remaining humble. they own their craft, they accept compliments graciously, but don't boast.

i've also met a lot of people who are more concerned with bragging about their achievements to anyone who will listen and receiving compliments. the art of "humble bragging" seems like the new norm, and i'm just not sure how i feel about it.

my mom taught me that boasting is ugly. writing that also seems extreme and melodramatic, but i'm apt to believe her. it brings out the worst in people, and i feel like everyone is in a competition with each other to prove who has the most and can climb the fastest.

there's just something so suffocating being in a room filled with people constantly trying to one-up each other.

am i the only one who feels like this?

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