on transitioning to healthy beauty products

i've been in the process of transitioning my beauty routine to healthy beauty products (this includes skin, body and makeup) for about two years now. it's not the easiest thing in the world, especially when the united states is so unregulated in the cosmetics industry.
even before i started working at follain, i spent a lot of time there learning about healthy beauty and what it really meant. for a little more on safe and healthy beauty products, i highly recommend taking a look at follain's safety page. it breaks down why the shop is so focused on this, and what types of ingredients aren't allowed in the store.

i took a lot of this to heart, and started examining what i was using on my face, in my hair and on my body. let me tell you, once you gain that sort of knowledge, it's sort of hard to remain blissfully ignorant. i mean, once i read more about the aluminum in deodorants and how aluminum is found in a lot of breast cancer tumors, well, it was pretty easy to give up my drugstore antiperspirant and find a healthy alternative.

so i'm going to start a series here on literally, everything. i'm going to explain how and why i moved from different products, and give you resources to start making the switch for yourself.

i'm not doing this to scare anyone, but i feel like there's a lot of knowledge out there. i want to help share it.

so stay tuned! and let me know if there are any things you'd like me to specifically cover! i'm here to help.

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