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+ this week i was lucky enough to check out shake shack's #shacktoberfest menu and guys. it is amazing. from bratwurst to the amazing german chocolate walnut concrete pictured above, everything is amazing. the special menu is running from today through october 4, so make sure you stop by your local shake shack and get something good!

+ i love the series on a cup of jo "my beauty uniform." it's so cool to see what other real women do  for their daily routines. this week, they featured claire mazur, who co-founded of a kind, and i have a real live lady crush on her. check her and her gorgeous locks out.

+ the super cool boston-based sh!t that i knit launched a kickstarter to get them really ramped up. i'm obsessed with the furry pom pom hats, but i love that they donate to alex's lemonade stand, a charity funded to help fight childhood cancer. they are wicked legit, and the rewards for pledging are really sweet.

+ i have a not-so-secret crush on anthony bourdain, and i love this interview with him in men's journal. he's bold and not afraid of adventures, and just overall a real badass.

+ don't forget to let me know if there's anything you want me to cover in my healthy beauty products guide! i will try my best to be as comprehensive as possible in my posts.

i'm off to boston calling and a wedding this weekend, and i hope you have an equally fun and exciting weekend!

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