on building a uniform

i've heard people talk about their "uniform" for years now. i was convinced i didn't have one. couldn't have one. it was too restricting! there was so much out there to wear and love!

but as i've gotten older i've started to realize that uniforms aren't so bad. but i think i started figuring all of this out when i did my capsule wardrobe last year. finding my uniform has helped me make fewer poor decisions while shopping. getting dressed in the morning is so much easier because i know everything in my closet goes together.

so what is my uniform, exactly?
i'm a fan of skinny jeans (madewell makes my favorite skinny jeans ever) paired with a t-shirt, button down or sweater. short-sleeve or sleeveless reigns supreme in the summer, and i'll tack on some sleeves once it gets cooler.

i generally stick to flats because i know i'm a clumsy idiot. i prefer saltwater sandals, jack rogers sandals and d'orsay flats.

dressing up?
same tops, but with a skirt! a-line is my jam. same shoes. i have a few dresses for different occasions, usually black, white or grey, but also a few shades of blue, which is still a neutral for those playing along at home.

i keep my colors to a minimum. i like neutrals; they're easy to pull together, look classic and eh, i just sort of figured that colors aren't my jam. it may seem boring, but i don't mind. it's been nice, polished, and significantly less stressful to get dressed. i don't think about my outfits as much anymore, and mornings go by so easily.

so there you go, my uniform. was that interesting for anyone except me?

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