taking stock: fall

i somehow skipped taking stock for summer, but let's catch up. i know i've been m.i.a. lately, but life is weird sometimes.
Making: fake lattes with my new milk frother
Cooking: nothing? it feels like it's been ages since i've been in the kitchen
Drinking: iced coffee, wine, beer and bourbon. staples, really
Reading: modern romance by aziz ansari
Wanting: to slow down. life has been moving rather quickly lately
Looking: forward to cooler weather
Playing: with all sorts of products at follain
Wasting: time, energy? i don't really know, but i often feel tired
Wishing: that you never had to break in shoes, you know what i mean?
Enjoying: the crisp fall air
Waiting: to figure out...life?
Liking: the smell of fire and sandalwood
Wondering: if the pimple on my chin will ever go away (wah)
Loving: toby's playfulness
Hoping: i'll find the energy to clean out my closet
Marveling: at how lovely life is
Needing: sleep
Smelling: citrus rinds
Wearing: black, white, grey and navy constantly. this answer will never change
Following: mo rocca, who is hilarious and wonderful
Noticing: that the break in the heat has made people so happy lately
Knowing: that i am good enough
Thinking: it's time to start getting rid of shit
Feeling: happier
Bookmarking: all the things from apartment therapy
Opening: bottles of wine
Giggling: about all the silly things toby does

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