on switching to healthy cleansers

one of the first things i changed when i started transitioning to healthy beauty products was my cleanser. i think it's one of the easiest things to change, but for some it's not the same story. i think a lot of people are more used to foaming cleansers that really lather up, or harsh abrasive scrubs that leave their faces raw. skin isn't supposed to hurt or turn red and raw when you cleanse it. your cleanser should work to sooth your skin, nourish it, and clean it of dirt and impurities without stripping it of oils. because, news flash, your skin shouldn't be dry as a bone!
the first cleanser i used was the s.w. basics cleanser; it's simple (just rosewater, vegetable glycerin and tea tree oil), and my skin felt cleaner and healthier than it ever had. my pores were smaller, i had less redness and dry patches all over my face and my oily t-zone was under control. my skin needed a break from the harsh cleansers and time to reset to its natural state.

after i finished a few bottles of the s.w. basics cleanser, i decided i needed something a little more heavy duty. i rotate between three different cleansers now; it seems like a lot, but they each serve very specific purposes in my medicine cabinet. i mainly use the ren gentle cleansing milk every night; my skin is dry, so it can use as much nourishment as it can get. i don't wear a ton of makeup (more about that routine coming in a later post)!
for nights that i wear heavy makeup, i rely on one love organic's vitamin b cleansing oil and makeup remover. it just melts away my makeup without making me dry and flaky. oil cleansing can be scary for most, but it's actually super beneficial for a lot of skin types. people with oily skin generally shy away from oils, but using oils is actually the best thing you can do for oily skin! oily skin is actually dehydrated; your skin overproduces oils to make up for its lack of oils, thus leading to slick skin. once you start using oils as moisturizers or cleansers, your skin becomes properly hydrated and stops overproducing. oil cleansers help! pro tip: pump an oil cleanser onto dry hands and massage it onto a dry face, then wipe off with a damp cloth.

most mornings i just use water, but for mornings that i feel a little grimy (sometimes i sweat when i sleep, what?), i use indie lee's rosehip cleanser. first of all, indie lee and her team are among the nicest women i've ever met, so many pluses for her products. but second of all, it's effective. it gently cleanses, but also helps brighten the skin and the rosehip oil has lots of anti-aging properties.

so there! cleansing! it takes about 30 days for your skin to see the full benefits of new products, so be patient with new products. and, obviously, if you have an allergic reaction to a product, stop using it! but if you encounter small breakouts in the first 30 days, stick with it! they will clear up, and your skin will be happier than ever.

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