things to do in boston: ogawa coffee

if you haven't figured it out by now, i love coffee. i love spending time with friends over a cup of coffee, and i love trying new places in the city. back in may, ogawa coffee opened and rocked everyone's instagram feeds with beautiful photos of latte art.

clearly, it's been high on my visit list for quite some time. i was super jazzed when i was invited to come in and try the coffee and learn more about their coffee traditions.
ogawa is headquartered out in kyoto, japan, and they have 36 different shops around their city. that's nuts to me. that's like starbucks in boston, but with really nice latte art. this boston shop is the company's first international location. the store itself is stunning. filled with light, and intricate designs on the windows that cast fun shadows in the afternoon.

while i was there, i sampled the kalita pour-over, which looks like regular pour-over coffee, but is much better. everything is so precise; beans are measured on a scale to ensure the proper amount is used for each drink. from there, beans are ground fresh for each order (don't expect to go in and be able to dart out quickly; ogawa is there for the experience). the filters and pouring technique used for this drink bring the smoothest coffee i've ever tasted. i didn't need any sugar in it. ogawa's pour-overs are extra special because they're served in hand-painted kiyomizu cups, traditional ceramics made in kyoto. it's also probably the best deal in the store, since it features just about two cups of coffee in one serving.

i also got to try the single origin trio, which is a flight of three single-sourced coffee shots served side-by-side for taste comparison. they're brewed with the same precision as the rest of the drinks, and are prepared in the cutest tiny french presses. SO CUTE.

and, sadly, since i'm lactose intolerant i couldn't try the amazing lattes HOWEVER i did learn that for the best latte art, you should use whole milk in your drink. everything else is too thin and won't produce a thick enough foam to make fabulous art.

you should try to make it over in october if you're not lactose intolerant, and ask for the halloween art in your cappuccino. you won't regret it!

in short, if you're a huge coffee lover like me, or are just looking for a nice place for coffee with friends, head to ogawa coffee. it's calming and such a delightful place.

ogawa coffee
10 milk street
boston, ma

disclosure: i was invited to ogawa coffee for reviewing purposes, but all opinions are my own.

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