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when craig and i moved into our apartment, we had to buy a bit of new furniture. we bought some big items since we needed more storage, and for a while we toyed with the idea of getting a new mattress. ultimately we passed on the mattress because they're prettttty pricey.
Eve Mattress
shortly after we moved in, i was lucky enough to be contacted by the fine folks at eve to try out their memory foam mattresses. it's like they read my mind! eve was started by two friends who decided they wanted to change the mattress buying experience. they created an amazing product and began selling it online.

but why haven't you heard anything about eve before? because they were only located in the u.k. up until a few weeks ago! now they're here in the u.s., and your sleep won't be the same.

our mattress showed up rolled in an easily manageable box; while we definitely needed two people to get it up to our apartment, it wasn't nearly as bulky and cumbersome as a traditional mattress. all we had to do was open the box up, unroll our mattress, and allow it about an hour to fully get its shape back. after bringing it up at 7pm, we were ready to make our bed by 8pm.

now here's where it got dicey. craig and i are extremely different sleepers. i'm a heavy sleeper who likes a bit of firmness to help deal with my back pain. nothing too firm, but not super squishy. craig is a very light sleeper who prefers a more plush mattress, and who gets a bit hot in the night. we were concerned that one of us wouldn't be satisfied with our night's sleep. our last mattress was nice, but a bit too plush for my liking. we went to sleep and hoped the mattress would live up to its hype.
guys. the folks at eve don't lie. this mattress was a dream. my back felt great when i woke up, craig slept soundly and wasn't woken up when i moved around in the night, and the memory foam regulated our body heat. uh-mazing. just a few nights into our new mattress experience and we're seriously obsessed.
Eve Mattress Review
buying a mattress online is super scary. i mean, that's why mattress stores are so popular, right? and with so many options around (even just for online retailers), it's tough to know what's real! i was super nervous to try getting a mattress online, but now that i've done it, i don't know why i was so hesitant. memory foam is the way to go, and eve makes a stellar product.

so tell me, would you ever try buying your mattress online?

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