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it's finally friday! this week has felt fast and slow all at once, but i guess that's what happens when every night is spent trying to find space for all your junk in your new apartment. news flash: i have a lot of junk. woof.
+ i've posted this on my twitter and my facebook (hi, i never post anything on facebook), and i feel like i need to share it here too. nora mcinerny purmort is an amazing woman i was introduced to through the documentary aaron & nora. she wrote a pretty killer piece about feminism and rape culture, and how much it can suck to be a woman. she's amazing.

+ craig sent me this podcast about friendship over time the other day, and i found it pretty interesting. he's had the same best friend since he was born, but i've floated between friends for a while now. i liked hearing how and why these types of friends matter.

+ city sports is closing :( runners' hearts all over boston are breaking.

+ take an extra 30% off sale items at j.crew with the code getshopping!

+ if you're like me and love oysters year round, here's a comprehensive list of places to get $1 oysters in boston. bookmark it, because you'll never know when it will come in handy.

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