on moving

i've been keeping a bit of a secret. sort of? a lot of people knew about this, but still. i wasn't totally honest! i've been so busy lately, because we moved!
i want to say this was an amazing move. i want to, really. but it was tough.

and i don't just mean the physical aspects of it. i mean, that was terrible too. but really, emotionally it was a little rough too.

we lived in our apartment for four years. we adopted toby, got engaged, got married, had so many memories. it was hard to say goodbye to walls that saw so much. but i almost feel like we outgrew that place. it's almost as though the place ran its course.

our new place is different. it's a studio, which presents its own challenges. but we sacrificed a bit of space for things like a dishwasher and an elevator.

so this is me, apologizing for being a bad blogger over the last four weeks. it all happened so fast for us (two months ago, we had no intentions of moving), but we're all moved in and getting settled. i'll have more natural beauty posts coming soon, and hopefully some new recipes as well.

i'm ready to make some new memories in this place. cheers to lots of happy times!

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