on exfoliating (and finding healthy alternatives)

now that the air is drying out, my skin constantly seems like it's flaky and searching for moisture. the combat for this? it isn't just slapping more layers of moisturizer on (though that helps). it's exfoliating!
Healthy Exfoliants
your skin can't get the moisture it's craving when there are layers of dead skin on your face. sorry, i know it's gross, but it's true. your pores can also get super clogged and congested with extra dead skin cells. the surefire way to get baby soft skin is to exfoliate the dead ish off and let the clean healthy skin shine!

now there are lots of exfoliators out there. and the vast majority of the ones on the mass market come with plastic beads in them. plastic beads are bad for the environment. let's not hurt the environment with our beauty products. please.

there are tons of great, healthy alternatives though! my personal favorite is may lindstrom's clean dirt. i'm a big fan of may lindstrom's entire line, but this product has really been a game changer for my skincare. it's a beautiful blend of cleansing clays, warming spices and salts that you blend with water to create an airy mousse. because it still has tiny granules in it, you need to be really gentle when you rub it in. BUT when you do it sloughs off all those gross dead skin cells and leaves your skin so smooth. plus it smells delightful (hello cinnamon and ginger)! at almost 7 ounces of dry ingredients, the bottle lasts for-ev-er. highly recommend.

i also highly recommend the s.w. basics exfoliant, which just contains organic oat flour, organic almond flour and sea salt. you use it in the same way as may lindstrom's: add about a teaspoon of dry powder into your hands, add approximately a teaspoon of water, and combine to a paste. apply gently to your face. the combination of the two flours gently exfoliates and the salt helps heal the skin. it leaves fresh, glowing face, and is perfect for sensitive skin.

another alternative is brickell's renewing face scrub. it's very similar to mass market exfoliants in that it uses beads. but instead of plastic beads, they're smooth jojoba oil beads and volcanic pumice to slough off dead skin cells. this one is especially great for men, because it gently lifts whiskers and preps the face for shaving (men can use product too!).

so there! i recommend exfoliating a few times a week (if you don't wash your hair every day, try exfoliating on the days you wash your hair), and i bet your skin will be radiant, and it will more readily accept all the awesome oils you put on afterward.

oh, you want to know more about oils? more coming soon!

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