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i was going to write a happy post today. about how i'm back at soulcycle spinning and feeling good vibes. about how i'm getting back on my running game and consistently running negative splits. about how i'm running the marathon again in 2016 (guys!!! guys!!! i'm running the marathon!! eeee!). but i've been in a really weird mood above all this.

when i heard about what happened in san bernadino, i didn't really get sad. i got angry and upset. because what the fuck guys? how and why are we still giving people such easy access to legal guns?

it's insane. legislation for gun control has actually gotten more liberal since 2012 (you know, when sandy hook happened). most states do NOT require background checks in order to get a gun. even FEWER states require a permit. i understand people want to feel protected in their homes, and my god you should have the right to do that. but what is the big deal in submitting yourself to a background check in order to purchase one?

 i'm just at a loss. what the hell is even happening in this country? people are pointing fingers at others on baseless claims. it's awful. it's inhumane. and here's the thing, i'm not scared of a certain sect of people. i don't see someone and think "oh man, they might hurt me." i'm fucking scared of everyone. because this isn't a cultural problem. this is a problem PERIOD.

i'm tired of going into places and searching for the closest exit just in case. i'm tired of being scared to go to public spaces. i'm fucking tired of hearing about another mass shooting. i'm tired of people terrorizing people in america. massachusetts requires any firearm purchaser to obtain a permit. does your state? regardless, you should call your congress members and ask them for change. because i know you feel the same. i know because i saw you write about it on facebook, or tweet about it, or sent your prayers. news flash: this isn't enough. this isn't how we bring about change.

we make change by doing something. do something about this.

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