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hey! hi! i hope you all had a great holiday! i had a nice little break where i didn't work at alllll for three whole days. THREE DAYS. it was the most wonderful time. but now we're back! talkin' about oils.
Face Oils
face oils are da best. i love them. but i found out that a lot of people don't love them. and that breaks my itty bitty heart. because oils are magical.

let's get one thing out of the way: oils do not make your face oily. yes, if you straight up slather your face in some oil, you're gonna look like an oil slick. but a few drops? it'll actually be the best thing your skin could ask for. if you already have oily skin, it's probably because your skin is actually dehydrated. doesn't make much sense, right? but your skin is overproducing oils because it's been stripped of its natural ones. so your skin is in fight or flight mode, where it feels like it needs to get some oils out there somehow, so it sends them all to the surface. thus, oily skin!

dry flaky skin is just dry, but you really should be exfoliating, and following up with an oil! oils sink in really nicely to your skin and get to a much deeper level of your skin, providing moisture and a great radiance. it'll be like you're glowing from the inside.

if you're new to oils, a great place to start is with just straight jojoba oil. jojoba oil is the oil that most closely mimics your skin's natural sebum. your skin will be tricked into thinking it has produced its own oil, and thus won't produce any more. it's light-weight, and sinks in really quickly into your skin. you only need 2-3 small drops of it to cover the face, though you can definitely add more if you feel it necessary. for daytime use, i recommend letting your oils settle in for a few minutes before applying makeup. maybe brush your teeth or something after applying, then apply makeup.

here are a few of the oils i've been using lately that have stolen my heart.

one love organics vitamin c brightening facial serum | what's the difference between an oil and a serum? they are pretty similar, but serums generally have a little something extra that targets a specific need. this specific serum works to help even out skin tone and brighten dark spots. i have a bit of hyperpigmentation, and this has a huge dose of vitamin c, which works on a much deeper skin cell level to gradually brighten and even out skin tone. i like that it's light-weight! it doesn't take a lot of time to sink in, so i use it as my morning oil.

damn good face wash oil the works | i was introduced to this line by my cool friend bridget (her sister runs this killer shop), and finally ordered myself some goodies in november. each batch of products is made fresh, so it does take some time to get your order but it is so worth it. this oil is based in jojoba, argan and avocado oils. so nourishing! so great! but it also features tea tree essential oil, which helps fight breakouts, and lavender essential oil, which soothes skin and keeps it firm. plus a zillion other amazing things. i love this oil. it feels nice, smells amazing, and my skin is lookin' rull nice lately. more on this entire line very, very soon.

true moringa lavender facial oil | i was very lucky to receive a generous sample of this oil from true moringa. this is a super simple oil: just moringa oil and lavender essential oil. this is a great option for dry skin (hi, me) since moringa oil has intense hydration properties. it also has a nice dose of vitamin c, which we know helps with dark spots. it's also a light-weight oil, so you don't need to worry about sitting around and waiting for it to settle into the skin. plus it smells like a dream. lavender is so relaxing and just makes me so happy.

there you have it! oils! hooray! if you have specific questions about oils, or what might work best for your face, i'd love to work with you directly! you can email me with questions, and i can recommend some oils, or come visit me at follain! i'm there a lot, so let's chat!

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