damn good face wash (a product review)

it's rare that i buy an entire line of face products. i fully believe in being skin loyal, not brand loyal. because one cleanser might work amazing, but the brand's moisturizer may leave you super dry. also, there's no harm in mixing labels. i heard once before (cough from a mary kay rep cough) that using products from different lines was akin to creating chemical warfare on your face.

i mean.

i guess if you're using chemical-laden products, sure! it totally is! but it doesn't matter if you mix and match lines, it's all a bunch of chemicals.
Damn Good Face Wash review
i stumbled across damn good face wash thanks to my cool friend bridget. her sister opened this shop in 2015 and has been rocking natural skincare ever since. i hm'd and haw'd over purchasing these products for an unnatural amount of time. i wish i could tell you what my issue was, but i sort of just sat on the knowledge of this shop. i spent an inordinate amount of time reading reviews for the products. i read bridget's post about the products. i thought and i thought and i thought.

and finally, in november, i purchased my own damn good face wash set. and here's where i feel the need to clarify: i actually purchased these products. on my own. this is not a sponsored review. this was me, being really frustrated with my flaky skin, trying to fix it. k? let's move on. the prices are super reasonable for all of kate's products (kate makes the stuff; i feel like she and i are friends now. i can call her by her first name. it's all gravy.). she makes all of these goodies herself, so shipping took a bit of time, but that was ok by me. i had some other stuff i wanted to use up first. my set arrived in early december, and i've been using it ever since.

a fun fact about your skin: it actually takes about a full month of product use to notice the real, long-lasting benefits of new products. so as i cracked open my jar of face wash, i told myself i'd wait at least a month before i gave you a real, honest review.

here's my real, honest review: hiiiiiiiiiii i love this stufffffffffffffff.

yeah. you've already heard my thoughts about the oil, and i'll chat more about the mask very very soon.
Damn Good Face Wash
let's start with the damn good face wash. i got "the works" because my skin can be a pain in the butt sometimes. when i started using the face wash, my skin was flaky. like i could actually peel off layers of skin. it's super gross, but super true. plus! plus! i still was getting hormonal breakouts. like under the skin ones on my chin which were painful and took ages to go away. so i figured, go big or go home, let's get the works.

i used the sweet little spoon included in my package, and got myself a marble-sized amount of face wash. i warmed it up in my hands, and slapped that stuff on. i like using a small wash cloth to get everything off, and then move on with my routine. it's based in organic coconut oil, raw honey and raw shea butter, all of which work together to break down the grime on your face and moisturize. the works also features bentonite clay and tea tree oil, which are great at combating breakouts without stripping the skin.

after a few days using the face wash, i noticed that my skin was softer, my skintone was a lot more even, and overall, it just wasn't freaking out so much. after a full month (and then some)? i rarely deal with flakes (though they still happen if i get lax on moisturizing), and my breakouts have significantly decreased. even my pesky hormonal ones! i haven't used a spot treatment (generally i like to use tea tree oil), and my skin is just feeling amazing.
Damn Good Toner
but i can't thank the face wash on its own, right? the toner is damn good too (see what i did there?). it's based in organic rose water and organic calendula, which work well to calm the skin. but it also features my absolute favorite toning product: raw apple cider vinegar. i've talked about toners in the past and why they're so important, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that i thought long and hard about the kind of toner i'd settle on.

i went with the works again, because my skin is so finicky. i've used witch hazel in the past as a toner, but found it to be too aggressive for me. but added in with the other fine ingredients in this toner, my skin reacted quite well to this guy. my skin glows now. it's happy. it accepts the damn good oil very readily. i very rarely am left feeling dry and flaky anymore.

overall, 10/10 will buy these products again. and you should too! one of the scrubs will most likely find its way into my next order, and i'm anxious to try the body oil too. basically, i want it all. and i've never wanted all the things from a product line before.

in short: for cost-effective, truly healthy skincare that does what it says it'll do, check out damn good face wash. you won't regret it.

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