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between work, work and training for the marathon, i've been exhausted lately. it might have to do with the lack of daylight hours or just not having enough hours in the day. who knows? but i'm glad it's friday!
+ i spent last week at the alt summit in salt lake city. i was there for work, so i didn't get to go to a lot of the sessions. i did manage to squeeze in a few sessions, including one from justina blakeney and karen walrond about creativity and vulnerability that really hit home with me. creativity is such an interesting topic that people interpret so differently. and i think we've hit a point where we're expecting more honesty out of people, and that requires bloggers, our friends, our family to be more vulnerable. it's a scary thing, but i think it's so worth while.

+ i found this post on building relationships with your coworkers to be interesting and insightful. i highly recommend for those looking to branch out and create different relationships.

+ patagonia is having a big sale this weekend; i'm obsessed with this pullover (the crazier the pattern the better) and this quilted top. great prices, and patagonia clothing lasts for so long. i can't recommend them enough!

+ and if you're in boston looking for something to do this weekend, i highly recommend hanging out with the fine folks of trillfit for their brunch and burn on sunday. you'll get it not one but TWO workouts and then eat a spectacular brunch and get to look stylish thanks to the beauty bar. plus there will be on-site health coach consults. if i didn't have a hot date with 12 miles, i'd be there.

+ apartment therapy is running a new series about capsule wardrobes. last year when i attempted my capsule wardrobe, i learned a lot about my style. i think that was the biggest benefit of doing paring everything down. i realized quickly that color just didn't work in my life. i like neutrals, because it's easy to figure out what goes with what in the morning, and adding new pieces to my wardrobe doesn't leave me questioning what to wear with it. so while my wardrobe isn't 40 pieces now, i'm much more mindful of what i buy and when i buy.

+ we know parabens are bad, but do you know why they're bad? follain broke it down for you! hooray!

+ speaking of healthy stuff, i've been battling a flaky scalp all winter. it's the damn worst because everyone thinks it's dandruff but dandruff is way different and you should take my word for it and not google it. but anywho, i read that doing an apple cider vinegar rinse helps with that sort of thing. so i started doing it last night, and i'll keep you posted with the results.

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