what to wear for winter running

winter is upon us. it's here. snow has fallen, and it is FREEZING in boston. ever since i trained for my first marathon, i've gotten tons of questions about how to dress for winter running. i won't lie, it's tough! cold weather is no fun, but just because it's cold doesn't mean you can't run outside. you just need the proper running clothes. now that i'm on my third marathon training winter, i like to think i'm sort of an expert at winter running clothes.
Winter Running Clothes
i partnered with athleta to talk to you about the essentials. here's a short list of what you'll need if you're a casual runner just looking to keep running outside in the winter:

i got the chance to try out some awesome new winter running clothes from athleta; i chose a pair of reflective running tights and a long-sleeve thermal top. they both kept me warm on a 28ish degree day, but didn't leave me feeling soaked in sweat by the end. i really like the top because it has regul8 technology, which works to keep you warm when you need it but helps you cool off when you're too warm. plus it has anti-stink technology, which allows me to wear it for multiple workouts without smelling like a pig. CLUTCH.
Winter Running Gear
the tights have tons of reflective dots, which keep me super safe during the dark mornings and evenings of winter. SAFETY GUYS. plus there are three huge pockets, which are perfect for my keys and fuel for my longer runs.
Cold Weather Running Gear
plus the outfit is toby approved. athleta has a huge selection of winter running gear, and i can't recommend all of them enough. plus, athleta has a great return policy. they want you to LOVE your gear, so if you work out in it and decide it's not for you, that's totally cool! return it!

the gals at the newbury street location are so nice, and all of the running gear is right in the front. you can't miss it!

so i hope this helps you out with your winter running woes! and if it doesn't, leave me a comment! i'll try to answer it!

disclosure: i was provided a complimentary gift card to athleta in exchange for this review, but all opinions are my own!

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