big magic (a book review)

every once in a while, i pick up books just because i like the cover. i know you're not supposed to admit this sort of stuff, but why lie? you guys are all my friends. sometimes i just buy things because i like the way they look. this is what happened with elizabeth gilbert's big magic.
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i read elizabeth gilbert's memoir eat, pray, love years ago and was so enraptured with her writing and her courage. my copy is so well-worn and i've read it a number of times. clearly, i love it. but the books between EPL and now just haven't caught my eye. i started a few of them but just couldn't get into them. i was convinced that elizabeth and i had a one-book relationship.

but then i saw big magic. literally, i saw it in the bookstore. and i couldn't get the cover out of my head. it was just so stunning, so simple yet so explosive. and i was in such a creative rut when i saw it, i figured why not. i brought it home and just sort of looked at it for a while. i was scared it would be another dud for me and elizabeth. but finally, one cold day, i popped it open.

elizabeth has a way of transporting you with her writing. she brings you along a journey with you, and when she tells you stories, it's like you're there with her. i felt the same joy i felt when i first read her stories years ago. and here's the crazy thing: she gave me a lot of courage.

it's kind of scary to put yourself out there. especially when it comes to your creativity. it's often so deeply personal, so ingrained into you, that it feels like you're giving part of your heart each time you create something. or maybe that's just me? regardless, it can be tough. but elizabeth encourages you to embrace the scary parts. she encourages you to put out something bad so something better can come from it. she encourages you to be yourself, boldly and unabashedly.

i often struggle with being myself. i've touched on this before, but for a long time i didn't want to be me. i was so nervous people wouldn't like me or my ideas. so seeing elizabeth's words telling me to embrace myself and my ideas and my own big magic, it was just so refreshing.

long story short, if you're a creative person and you're toeing the line of creating something big or keeping it to yourself, i highly recommend picking up big magic. the cover speaks for itself, doesn't it?

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