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i think one of the best parts of being an adult (lolol right?) is being able to educate yourself on things that matter most to you. you don't need to adhere to a curriculum, and you can spend your time learning about things you're passionate about. if you haven't noticed, health in all aspects is a big passion of mine. enter: cora.
i was introduced to cora thanks to instagram. cora's founder, molly, reached out to me and asked if i'd be willing to help her with the launch of cora. when i clicked through the account to learn more, i was immediately on board.

cora delivers a monthly supply of toxin-free organic cotton tampons. conventional tampons aren't super great, tbh. the plastic applicators cause pollution, and don't get me started on the scents. fragrance in general is super bad for you because "fragrance" can be listed as an ingredient, but the ingredients that make up the fragrance don't need to be disclosed. which mean a scary combination of up to 3000+ chemical ingredients.

on top of delivering you the highest quality tampons each month, cora also gives back. did you know girls all over the globe are forced to miss days of school because of their period? it leads a lot of them dropping out of school at age 14. cora wanted to do something to help. each month the company adds up their sales and buys the equivalent supply of sustainable sanitary products for women in india. so when you take care of yourself, cora helps women who need it most.

to celebrate the launch of cora, i'm offering you guys a discount code! enter the code ALEX15 to get 15% off your first month's cora order. with sleek cases to ensure you won't be without any tampons when you need them the most, a monthly supply is the best gift you can give yourself.

10/10, definitely recommend.

disclosure: i was provided a complimentary month of cora in exchange for publicity. all opinions are my own!

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