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after being side-lined by a sweet little cold this week, i'm more than ready for the weekend. even though boston will be experiencing sub-zero temps (brb crying), it'll be nice to cozy up at home and stay warm.
+ that cool spoon is from jeremy ogusky, aka @bostonpotter. he makes some of the coolest pottery i've ever seen, and he graciously gave me a tour of his studio and gifted me that cool spoon. you can find his work in boston at olives & grace or in his shop!

+ my friend alison posted this sweet (pun intended) roundup of eight recipes for your sweetheart. if you're not big on buying gifts, making something is a great route to take to show your appreciation for special people in your life.

+ even if you didn't follow everything that happened with gamergate, this post from zoe quinn about why she's decided to drop the charges against her ex-boyfriend is super important to read. it's heartbreaking but honest.

+ looking for a last-minute valentine's day? this sweater is an adorable find! it'd look adorable with these classic jeans.

+ um hi the choreography in this video to beyonce's new song formation SLAYS. also i got tickets to see her in june. baiiiiii dead.

+ one more longread! hillary clinton is driven, there's no doubt about that. she also cares an incredible amount about human decency. it sounds dumb but i think we could use more love and kindness, and i really like that it's something she cares about.

happy early valentine's day! may you have all the love!

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