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um hi can anyone believe it's march next week? i'm in some deep, deep denial. but the weekend is looking nice and sunny here in boston (perfect for my 16 mile long run!), and i'm excited to get some vitamin d back in my system.
+ the oscars are this weekend! showcase cinemas is playing #oscarsbingo, and they're giving you a chance to win some cool movie merchandise and four free movie tickets! if i can figure out how to stream the show (lol no cable life over here), i'll be playing along, so be on the lookout for my bingo board on twitter!

+ love is love is love, and i loved this piece in esquire about the author's autistic brother's search for love. oh, my heart.

+ oh! someone asked and i forget who, so you all get the answer! the above jeans and bag are both from madewell (bag is sold out, but this is similar), and my boots are from lucky brand!

+ obviously natural skincare is very important to me, and i loved this boston magazine article of ways to enhance your natural beauty! the things we do for the inside of our body are just as important as the things we do to the outside.

+ has anyone been to mystryde yet? is it fun? will i die?

+ i'll be getting deeper into healthy makeup alternatives in a few weeks, but rms beauty just released the master mixer and it's the perfect highlighter for my yellow undertones. life hasn't been the same since. it's like the sun just follows me around!

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