on moisturizing (and finding healthy options)

this winter has been pretty great temperature-wise (though it's snowing in boston now), but it's been all kinds of dry. which leads to gross flaky skin. which is just awful. so now's the perfect time to chit chat about natural moisturizers, right?
Healthy Moisturizers
oils often provide enough moisture for the skin, but some skin needs a little extra lovin'. while oils get to a much deeper cellular level of the skin, moisturizers can often sit on top of the skin and protect it from the outside.

one important thing to remember is that oil can penetrate water, but water cannot penetrate oil. if your moisturizer includes water, it's best to put that on first and then put your oil on. otherwise, your skin may not receive the full benefits of your moisturizer.

with that in mind! i'd love to tell you about some healthy and natural moisturizers i've been introduced to!

s.w. basics cream | i've used this cream for years. years! it's just three ingredients: coconut oil, shea butter and olive oil. that's it! i like this cream because it's super simple, super moisturizing and you only need a little bit of it to make a huge difference. just a pea-sized amount will do! this is the one i use when my skin is super dry and chapped. it heals it up real quick. i've found it to be too heavy for daytime use, but it's perfect for overnight relief.

tammy fender antioxident creme | this is a new moisturizer for me. it pretty much acts as a multi-vitamin in a jar for your skin. it has just about everything your skin needs. neroli is great for healing your skin and improving elasticity, which is so nice. i've noticed it's not quite enough moisture for my skin right now, but i'm very excited to use it this spring and summer to help my skin without overwhelming it with heavy creams.

farmaesthetics nourishing herbal cream | i found this cream on a whim and decided it was worth trying out. it has calendula, which is remarkably calming and healing for the skin. but what really drew me to this cream was that it can double as a deeply moisturizing mask. you use slightly more than you would use for moisturizer and leave it on for about 10 minutes. after 10 minutes is up, you can just wipe away the excess cream and get on with your life. after my recent trip to salt lake city, my skin was drydrydry like the sahara desert and super cracked and peeling. gross. but after exfoliating and using this cream as a mask, my skin was back to normal and even a bit more radiant! hooray!

may lindstrom blue cocoon | oh boy, guys. this guy is the best of the best. i saved my pennies and purchased this (because i like to be transparent with you guys, i spend my own money on a lot of the products i own!), and life hasn't been the same. i also purchased this for my mom and my sister. because i'm a wonderful daughter/sister, and it's amazing on all skin types. i'm a little hesitant to call this a moisturizer, though. it definitely behaves more like an oil, but is solid in its jar. once it's warmed up, it melts into this amazing oil and sinks to the deepest layers of your skin. it has blue tansy, which gives it its beautiful signature blue coloring and also provides lots of healing and calming properties for inflamed skin. if you have redness or are prone to breakouts, this balm is worth every penny. like with the s.w. basics cream, you only need about a pea-sized amount of this for your whole face. the jar lasts almost a year. i'm not joking.

i'd love to hear about what types of creams you like to use! if you've tried any of these, i'd love to hear your experiences with them too. let's talk.

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