taking stock: winter/spring

i can't seem to get my mind in the right place lately. i'm all over the place and often overwhelmed, but there's still so much good happening.
Making: a lot of protein shakes to help my muscles recover from long runs
Cooking: gosh not a lot. but cauliflower has been my jam
Drinking: iced coffee all day every day. and prosecco
Reading: i just finished missoula, and it was so good
Wanting: just a minute to breath, i'm so overwhelmed sometimes
Looking: forward to patio season
Playing: florence + the machine on repeat, and mothxr
Wasting: nothing? it feels like every minute of every day is filled with something
Wishing: that i had the rug in the photo above in my house
Enjoying: the longer days! the light! joy!!
Waiting: for warm weather to be here all the time
Liking: how this marathon training season has been going
Wondering: if all these answers start to sound the same after a while?
Loving: spending as much time outside as i can
Hoping: i'll be able to meet my fundraising goal
Marveling: at how kind people can be
Needing: an extra hour in the day
Smelling: my new follain candle
Wearing: black, white, grey and navy constantly, same as always
Following: the lovely betty liu, her photos are so dreamy
Noticing: how little things can totally turn a day around
Knowing: that i'll figure it all out
Thinking: that twenty-seven has been a great year
Feeling: quite beautiful lately
Bookmarking: this story about boston's chinatown
Opening: all the wine, all the time
Giggling: as much as i can

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