for boston

three years ago today, everything changed. i'm not the same person i was three years ago, and neither is my city.
and while change is always fine and good, the changes i've seen in this city aren't always great. even though i've seen countless acts of kindness, and i know people are so so good, there's always some negativity left. and so on this one boston day, i encourage everyone to really do something good.

it can be small. as small as holding the door, saying thank you, giving someone a hug. or it can be big. it can be donating to my fundraiser, it can be volunteering, it can be anything. do something good.

i don't think my heart will ever be totally fixed. i don't know that i'll ever stop being sad on this day. i don't know who i would have been if i had been able to finish my race. but i know who i am now, i know what this city is now, and i know that we are capable of so much love.

boston is my favorite place. it's my heart and it's my home. and i can't wait to pound out 26.2 miles on monday in its honor. boston has always been strong, and boston always will be strong.

this is still my favorite speech from president obama.

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