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i promised i'd be coming back, and i am. slowly but surely, i'm refinding my creativity and my passion and i'm getting there. i wish it was easier and there were more hours in the day. i wish life wasn't always so hard. i wish a million things and nothing all at once. but i'm eternally grateful for your patience and love. may will be a good month for me. i can feel it in my bones.
+ if you're not doing anything on sunday, there's an amazing cycle for friendship at legacy place benefiting best buddies massachusetts. for $30, you'll get an amazing cycling class from rev'd (outside at legacy!), a sweet swag bag, and even some yoga. if i weren't working, i'd be there.

+ speaking of stuff to do this weekend, the amazing sweet lydia's has a pop-up at (my favorite place) the street! i love sweet lydia's sweet and inventive treats, and i'm so excited to go check out everything they have to offer. might be a good mother's day present if you also decide to treat mom to a manicure at miniluixe's newest location at the street. i had the chance to check them out just before they opened and it is just the dreamiest spot. 10/10 do recommend this for you and mom.

+ tiger woods never ceases to fascinate me, and i loved reading this espn feature on him.

+ no one be surprised if you see these killer madewell heels on my feet all summer long.

+ most luxurious thing i've done for myself lately? may lindstrom's honey mud as a mask. hi, baby soft skin. smells like a dream too.

+ my new podcast obsession is modern love. which makes sense because i've been obsessed with the ny times column for about 10 years now. it's all so beautiful.

+ aaaand throwing a shot in the dark, but has anyone read any good books lately? i'm dying for a new read.

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