things i did and learned in my 27th year (or thoughts on turning 28)

today is the last day of my 27th rotation around the sun. a lot has happened, though sometimes it feels like it was a remarkably unproductive year. 27 is weird. was weird? i don't know. but here's a list of things i did and learned while i was 27. mostly for me to look back on.
+ i was featured in the boston globe. that was pretty cool.

+ i worked at follain for an entire year and have met some of the most beautiful people in the world. i am constantly motivated by their drive and passion, and thank my lucky stars every day that i get to work with so many amazing and accomplished women.

+ i ran my very first 10 mile road race. i also learned that i can indeed run fast.

+ i left simmons and started at wayfair, and while it hasn't always been sunshine and roses, i'm so happy i joined my team and am doing what i'm doing.

+ i started sharing healthy beauty posts on this lil blog! it's so fun to share some of my knowledge with you all.

+ we moved!

+ i spoke in front of a lot of people. that was cool and terrifying all at once.

+ i dug deep and talked about happiness and how sometimes i'm just not. and that it's ok. and i learned that i'm not alone and my god my heart exploded about a million times. you guys are the best.

+ i ran a marathon.

+ oh, and i saw justin bieber. and bought a t-shirt.

and a lot of other things that aren't very exciting, but made up a really great year. 27 was great. i learned a lot and grew a lot and was vulnerable in ways i hadn't been before. i'm more comfortable in myself and so much more confident. 27 was a year to learn. i'm very excited for what 28 has in store.

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