things to do in boston: lululemon's yogathon

did you know june 5 is national cancer survivor's day? i'm so so lucky to know so many beautiful survivors, and it's so amazing that there's a whole day devoted to celebrating them. and if you happen to be looking for something to do this weekend, why not do something good for people and your body all at the same time?

the beautiful lululemon at the street (duh my favorite place ever) is hosting a 12-hour yogathon this sunday in honor of this amazing day. to register, all you'll need to do is make a donation of any amount to bodhi & mind yoga, which offers free one-on-one yoga and meditation practice to women battling breast cancer, and triyoga boston, a non-profit organization offering therapeutic yoga classes. they've set up an eventbrite page to make donating easy!

the best part? you can go to as many classes as you want throughout the day! so if you want to hit up hip hop yoga at noon, get some brunch and shop around, then you can still do a vinyasa flow later in the afternoon. if i weren't going to be down in newport running the 10-miler, i'd be here.

here's the full list of classes (i can't recommend a class with jess ray or cara gilman enough! they're both amazing):

Brahmi Gold-Bernstein and Lorrie Jacobsohn​ ​(TriYoga Boston)
​Yoga for Cancer​
This class will help increase mental focus, release stress, reduce fatigue, improve sleep and mood, and leave you feeling rejuvenated​. ​It is appropriate for those in treatment or recovery, caregivers, yoga teachers and yoga therapists.

Jess Ray (YogaWorks) 
​This class blends movement with music to create a unique experience. The innovative sequencing is designed to build strength and flexibility.

Dawn Keighley (Coolidge Corner Yoga) 
​Yoga for All!
​This class is appropriate for all ages. Explore your inner child while the teachers offer community building activities, yoga games, and a sweet song meditation.​ ​

DJ Arnold (Bodhi & Mind Yoga) 
​This floor-based, slow-flow class​ is​ designed for students of all levels. Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, this mindful flow will provide an opportunity to explore new facets of your practice.

Meghan Rozanski (YogaWorks)
​Hip Hop Yoga
​This class is an energizing, sweaty flow enhanced by the beats of artists like ​BeyoncĂ©, Nicki Minaj and Justin Timberlake​.​

Lauren Sozio (Core Power Yoga)
​This class combines vinyasa flow and Bikram postures t​o​ build strength and endurance, and work your body from the inside out.

Johnathon Holmes (Coolidge Corner Yoga) 
​This class combines creative sequencing, precise alignment and a little sweat​. Y​​ou'll leave this class with an alert mind and an open heart.

​Tracy Affonso (Bodhi & Mind Yoga, Stil Studio​,​ ​+​ Waltham Yoga) 
​Vinyasa Flow​
​This class is a heat-building vinyasa flow that will leave you feeling balanced, peaceful, and content.

Leslie Doyle (YogaWorks) 
​This class features a challenging and creative vinyasa sequence to help calm the mind and create some space in the body​ for energy and restoration.

Leah Croteau (Inner Strength, Healthworks​,​ ​+​ Prana) 
​This class features a power​-​flow set to music that'll move you from the outside-in​.​

Brittney Burgess (Black Crow Yoga​ +​ Lexington Power Yoga) 
​Baptiste Yoga
​This ​energetic, playful, and powerful class is designed to awaken your mind and body​ and discover what is possible within every breath​​.​

Cara Gilman (YogaWorks + JP Centre Yoga)
​All-Levels Vinyasa​
This all levels vinyasa class is set to live music and will allow you to foster a deeper connection within yourself and the incredible community around you.

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