race recap: newport 10 miler 2016

last year was my first year tackling a 10-mile race, and this year i came back with a plan. guys. i think i've found my new favorite distance and race.

i love newport, rhode island. it's such a beautiful place, with so much to do, and it's beautiful to run through. this year, i trained a lot smarter for my run. i worked on strength training and speed work. i think running another distance race just six weeks after running the marathon was a little dumb, but also it forced me not to turn into a total sloth.

sunday was foggy and humid, with temps in the low 60s. the temperature was great, but the humidity was tough. i felt sticky at the start, but chilly from the breeze. but hey, i'll take it over super hot temps. this year they introduced waves, which was great because i could seed myself higher and not spend the first few miles zipping in and out of everyone.

i had been running my training runs around a 9-minute mile, so i was aiming for somewhere between a 1:30 and a 1:35 finish. i went out a little conservatively, but held steady around a 9:10-minute mile for the first few miles. i slipped around the middle of the race thanks to some tough hills and a very very long stretch of just flat (though right by the mansions so that was a nice distraction).

i forgot a whole lot of the course, which was a blessing and a curse. it was nice to revisit the scenery and see the water and all the mansions. but i also forgot about a series of hills in the last two miles soooo that was great. but i still managed to run my fastest two miles right at the end, and cruised over the finish line at 1:31:49.
a few notes on this time. 1) i felt really strong, and that was a pretty amazing feeling. when i crossed the finish line, i didn't feel like i needed to curl up in a ball and die. 2) i never thought i had this sort of time in me. i've always been such a slow runner, and finishing a race in the top third of my gender and age group is prettttty cool. 3) i was super excited to rep the awesome boston spin studio b/spoke throughout the weekend.

i've got some more stuff to share about b/spoke tomorrow though! but in short: great race, awesome time, amazing weekend.

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