on healthy living

it's no secret i love living a healthy life. i love exercising and treating my body well (and yes, that does include indulging in pizza and cake when i want). everything in moderation. there are tons of ways to be healthy. for me, it's fitting in spinning classes at b/spoke and running whenever i get the chance. i love being active and sweating. plus, it's good for your mental health. aka sometimes i shed a few tears on the bike. whatever.

on top of that, i do my best to drink 80 ounces of water each day. we all should be drinking more water, right? but why? it's great for your skin, for one. if your skin is super dry, you can treat it with a lot of oils and creams, but you can also treat it from the inside by drinking more water. and we already know oily skin is generally dehydrated skin that's overcompensating for being dehydrated. another solution to the problem? drink some water! and it's good for our insides, because our bodies are mostly made of water. so, ya know, give it some of the good stuff.

the last thing i do to keep myself healthy? i take a probiotic and drink a collagen supplement each day (more on that later this week). you can definitely get a lot of nutrients through eating, but it can be really difficult to get all the nutrients you need. vitamins definitely shouldn't replace finding healthy food options, but they're a great way to supplement your overall well-being.

the cool people over at cotopaxi created this cool infographic with tons of ideas to lead a healthier life. cotopaxi encourages its customers to get outside, stay active and do something good each day, which i can definitely get behind. plus, they donate a percentage of the sales from their hiking backpacks to organizations that support global health initiatives. plus they look real cool.
it's important to stay healthy, especially when we're on the go so often. what do you do to stay healthy?

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