i made a cookbook (sort of)

so i've been a little busy lately. that actually is the understatement of the century, but whatever. many months ago, i told my team it might be kind of really cool if we made a cookbook. but not a regular cookbook. a blogger cookbook. with submitted recipes and blogger highlights and beautiful photos. ALL THE THINGS.
so my team was like "cool, go ahead," and i was like, "hahahahaha how?" and well i bumbled around but i figured it out and it's HERE! my team helped me so much, and without them there wouldn't be a book. i'm so lucky to work with an incredible group who is willing to put up with me and my crazy ideas. i'm so excited and humbled and AHHHHH! thanks for putting up with me and my radio silence and everything.

i'd be eternally grateful if you visited and downloaded and helped me spread the word. you guys are the best.

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