vital proteins collagen supplement: a product review

disclosure: i was provided complimentary samples of vital proteins collagen supplements in exchange for this review, but all opinions are my own.

so earlier this week, i shared a few ways i stay healthy, and i mentioned that i take collagen supplements. collagen is a really interesting thing to introduce to your diet. there are so many benefits to adding more of it to your life.

  • it helps maintain skin elasticity
  • improves circulation in your blood vessels
  • it can help diminish wrinkles and fine lines
  • plus it's good for your hair, nails and skin

basically, it's a great thing to get more of. so when the folks of vital proteins asked me if i wanted to try out their collagen peptides and collagen beauty greens, i was ALL OVER THAT. these are both powders that can be mixed into water or a smoothie, similar to a protein powder. i tried both on their own with water to start, and while the beauty greens is flavored coconut vanilla, i just didn't like the taste of it. but when i mixed it into an almond milk smoothie with a few other ingredients, it was much easier for me to get down. since i don't make a smoothie every morning, i figure i'll continue to use it as a once a week add-in to my diet.

the collagen peptides, on the other hand, are flavorless. so mixed with regular water, it actually tasted pretty good on its own. you can definitely tell there's something in your water, but it's nothing bad. just make sure you mix it well, so there are no lumps!

now for my skin! i take good care of my skin in general and i do try to drink 80 ounces of water to ensure my skin has the right amount of moisture, so i wasn't sure if drinking these supplements would really do anything for me.

after about a month of drinking these supplements regularly, i've noticed that my skin is definitely glowing a little more and has definitely smoothed out a bit. i'm sure with prolonged use, i'll see more (and better!) results.

tldr; this stuff is easy to incorporate into your daily life, and helps your skin. so why wouldn't you try it?

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