on failure

no one likes to fail. and i, in particular, have been terrified of failure for the majority of my life.
no one wants to be a failure. no one wants to be seen as the one who hasn't made it. but i think i'm starting to embrace failure.

it's not that i'm seeking to fail. not at all. i always go into experiences hoping to succeed, as i think we all should. but i think the difference now is learning how to fail gracefully.

it's very easy to get frustrated and upset about failure. but i think it takes a lot to accept it graciously and learn from it. because sometimes it feels like the best lessons come from failures, not successes.

i've failed a lot this year. i've put my heart into some things that just weren't meant to be. and it was soul crushing at first to watch something you had the best intentions for simply fall apart. i've spent my fair share of this year crying and blaming myself and wondering what i could have done to not fail. but, at my core, i know these failures happened because they had to.

i've grown a lot this year. and i know the only reason i've been able to grow as much as i have is because i tried, i took leaps of faith, and i failed. i've picked myself up off the floor (figuratively and literally), and realized that life still moves on the other side of these failures.

and, at the end of the day, i'm ok.

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