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hey what's up hello! i've given my site a little makeover; let me know if anything looks wonky for you or if you hate it or love it or WHATEVER. i'm super excited about it, especially the fact that it's now mobile friendly! HOORAY! you'd think someone who works with blogs and the internet all day would have had this ish taken care of ages ago. but hey, i'm lazy. it's been a little while since i shared some links, but there's a lot of exciting stuff happening and i just wanted to share it all with you!
first and foremost though, thank you so much for all your kind words/thoughts/messages lately. i know shit's been weird up in here, but we're getting back on track and i have lots of exciting content coming your way.

secondly, i'm heading off on a little adventure, and i highly recommend following along on instagram or snapchat (@alexhubbardsays) for updates!

now, onto the links!

+ my co-worker and really talented friend joe brottman has launched a kickstarter for his children's book, peep! it's a very interesting concept (a wordless children's book) that's meant to transcend language and cultural differences to tell a story through illustrations. if you've got a few dollah dollah bills to spare, i highly recommend backing this amazing project!

+ tonight is the mfa overnight here in boston! your admission is free and the party goes all night long! i'll be there for a few hours, so let me know if you're planning to swing by!

+ one of my favorite coats of the season from madewell is on super sale. you definitely will want to pick this up; i can see it easily transitioning from fall to winter!

+ speaking of clothes, i'll be living in these j.crew tissue turtlenecks all winter long. perfect for layering or wearing on their own! i also grabbed a striped version because of course i did.

+ and something to read! i really liked this look into one of boston's worst tragedies that no one really knows about. it was really well reported, and overall a very interesting read.

have a beautiful weekend! i hope you enjoy the fall weather and do something meaningful and fulfilling with your extra hour on sunday! or, you know, sleep. no judgments.

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