on finding intention (+ links)

the holiday season has crept up rather quickly and quietly this year, but here we are a few days before thanksgiving, the official kickoff to the holiday season. from here until new years eve, it feels like we're in a sprint to the finish.
my whole goal for this year has been re-centering and slowing down, and i'm trying to implement that now more than ever. i don't want to spend the rest of 2016 frazzled and stressed. so i'm trying to find grace in everything i do. being graceful and gracious. having intention behind my actions. i don't want to do things this holiday season just to do it. i want to do things because it matters. it matters to me, to other people, and it adds something to the world.

i'm going to be launching a series of gift guides soon, and the underlying theme will be intention. because i don't know about you, but i'm too old for gifts for the sake of gifts. plus i live in a studio and i don't have room for shit. so. intention. be on the lookout!

and since this is a short week and i'm still battling jetlag from my trip (more on that soon too!), here are some links to lead you into the holiday weekend!

 + shopping psa: 25% off your whole madewell purchase with the code thatsale. i have my eyes on this madwell x sezane dress.

+ have you ever seen an upside down christmas tree? they're really cool, and we wrote allllll about the history of them at work. 10/10 do recommend checking it out ;)

+ i bookmarked this article about photographer devin allen, but i haven't had a chance to read it yet. i'm hoping to get through it this weekend.

+ stretching is super important, and this week's b/spoke journal article is all about the best stretches to incorporate into your daily routine. also! if you want to grab a class this holiday season, your first class is on me with the code GUESTOFBYER. let's spin together!

+ um also i'm jonesing for these glitter flats from j.crew for holiday. gimme.

have a wonderful thanksgiving!

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