on this election season

i wish i had more to say today. i wish i had the words to make things better. i wish i could tell you what to say to your children, your daughters, your siblings, your immigrant parents, to make it all better. i wish i was more eloquent. i wish i was at home, that i wasn't separated from all my people by an ocean. i wish a thousand things and nothing all at once.

i wish this was all a dream.

i stayed up almost all night watching the results pour in, alone in my hotel room in a city where i know next to no one. i cried alone. i've cried all day. and i'm not sure when i'm going to stop feeling like this. if i'll ever stop feeling like this.

i feel as though america, the place my mother immigrated to in order to live a better life, has failed us all. it has failed women. it has failed people of color. it has failed the lgbtq community. it has failed in delivering basic human rights. democracy has failed.

but, even with all of this sadness, we need to move forward. i've joked about staying in germany forever. i'm guilty of thinking that running will be an easy way to fix this scenario. but it's not the right way. the way to fix this is to work harder and fight louder for equality. to make your voice heard in order to protect our rights, our country and our economy. we've become somewhat of a lazy generation. we say we're going to do a lot, but we're very passive in our support. we cannot afford to be passive anymore. we must take action.

i don't think i had much of a point in coming here and writing all this. but i hope you hold your loved ones tight and you ask for help when you need it. it's a hard time to even exist, but you shouldn't keep it bottled up. call your family. text your friends. if you see someone who needs a hug, ask if you can give them one. and if you need one? ask for one.

we're all in this together.

i've also been bookmarking some good thoughts throughout the internet. you can read them here, here and here.

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