the one question that changed how i live my life (#Ownyourtomorrow)

you know, it's true what they say: life is just too damn short. i've been experiencing that feeling a lot lately, and it's forcing me to reevaluate how i want to spend my days. and there's been one question that's been guiding me to this very moment.

am i doing everything i can to make myself happy?

for a very long time, i wasn't focusing on myself and what makes me happy. rather, i was trying my hardest to make everyone else happy, and using that was fuel for my happiness. but making other people doesn't really make me happy.

don't get me wrong! i love making other people happy. i love seeing joy in my friends' faces. i love making my mom proud. but shit man, that's not what truly makes me happy. what fulfills me. what makes me want to live my life to its fullest.

i was inspired by the idea of own your tomorrow, from charles schwab. if i'm continuing to go with the flow and not focus on my happiness, how am i really setting myself up for a successful tomorrow? short answer: i'm not. so this year, 28 and beyond, this is the year of me. of focusing on myself. of making myself happy. because i'm the only one who's in charge of my destiny. and i'd hate to look back one day and think that my one, wild, precious life could have been better if i had tried harder to strive for true happiness.
and all of this is part of the reason why i'm taking my grand european adventure! i've been traveling through europe this past week, and it's been so invigorating for my soul. i promise to have more updates very soon about this.

but before that, i want to know what you're doing to make yourself happy?

and for more inspiration, check out the own your tomorrow vimeo page and instagram page!

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