48 hours in paris

i never thought i wanted to go to paris.

it seems sacrilegious to write that, but it's the truth. i didn't feel the draw to paris. i felt a draw to burgundy, to bordeaux. to the countryside. but paris? it didn't do it for me. so when i started planning my european vacation to tack onto the end of my work trip to berlin, i struggled with where to go. traveling within the EU is relatively inexpensive, and i figured if the main part of my travel was taken care of, it was a good time to see what the fuss of paris was all about. so i booked just over 48 hours in paris.
and here is where i let you know: i get it now. i loved paris. i loved being there, wandering the streets, watching the people. i loved every minute of it and wish i had spent more time there. but! i managed to see a lot in my 48 hour stay, so here's a bit of advice on how to make the most of a weekend in paris.

:: where to stay ::
i chose to stay in the 2nd arrondissement, right on the edge closer to le marais. i had looked at airbnbs all over the city; so many had beautiful views, or were totally spacious, or were just decorated impeccably. but i was looking for a place in the middle of it all. the 2nd is conveniently right smack dab in the midst of just about everything. nearly every area of the city i wanted to explore was within a mile and a half radius. this ensured i didn't spend a significant amount of my day trying to get to any part of the city. i stayed by myself in a tiny studio, which was more than enough space. i saved money by choosing a walk-up studio, which i highly recommend.

:: how to get around ::
this might be a contentious point, but i didn't take public transit at all while i was in paris. i didn't take cabs. i didn't take ubers. i walked. everywhere. most of the women i saw in paris wore tennis shoes, so i laced up my stan smith's and got out there and walked. in total, i covered about 25 miles walking during my 48 hours in paris, but it ensured i saw everything. i saw side streets. i saw neighborhoods. i found cafes and patisseries. i found sweet little stores and really felt like i experienced the city. i did, however, take the train from CDG to paris, and then from paris to ORY to catch my flights in and out of the city. for just 10 euro, that was infinitely a better deal than taking a cab.
Sezane Paris floor
:: where to go ::
this isn't going to be an exhaustive list, but i can recommend what to see in paris in 2 days. i went to paris with a few ideas of things i wanted to see, and stumbled upon some other cool things. also i didn't go into the louvre because the line was long and that seemed like a waste of time. maybe next time i'll go? we'll see. 

on saturday morning, i walked to the luxembourg gardens by way of the louvre. i popped in and out of shops along my way, and found a cafe for breakfast. after i visited the luxembourg gardens, i headed toward the eiffel tower and stopped at le bon marche. after i got to the eiffel tower, i walked back toward the invalides, and realized i was close to le musée d'orsay. the sky started looking a bit ominous, so i figured it was a good time to head indoors for a few hours.
from the musée d'orsay, i walked over to the sezane apartment to shop. and suddenly it was 6pm! i headed to my apartment, rested up, and ventured out to dinner. i covered about 11 miles in total walking, but when you only have 2 days in paris, you have to cover a lot of ground!

on sunday, it rained all day, which seemed like a bit of a bummer but i didn't let it stop my exploring. i walked to le marais for breakfast, then walked to rue crémieux because i'm #basic and i wanted to take a picture. whatever.
from there i walked to notre dame and along the seine, then made a quick stop back at my apartment to warm up before heading to the northern part of the city and sacre coeur. i paid the 6 euro to climb to the top of sacre coeur and let me tell you, it was totally worth it.
Sacre Coeur PAris
from there i headed back toward my apartment while making a pit stop at laduree because, once again, #basic. i relaxed and changed before dinner, and then called it a night.

:: what to eat ::
literally, eat everything. anything. i don't think there's any bad food in paris. most of the time, i stopped into places that were on my way to wherever i was going and it didn't steer me wrong. i only went out of my way for a few meals, but i highly recommend them.

for breakfast
ob la di
54 rue de Saintonge
Paris, France

35 avenue de Breteuil
Paris, France

for lunch and dinner
34 rue des Rosiers
Paris, France

:: in review ::
it can be hard to figure out what to see in paris in 2 days, but i think walking between areas is a great way to see more of the city. dividing the city and conquering it that way is also a good route; find areas that are a bit closer to each other and try to see those in one day.

and if it rains? well, paris is always beautiful, even in the rain.

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