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one of the ways i'm working on making active change in my life is cutting out negativity. and where does a lot of negativity stem from these days? social media.
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it's no secret that i love social media. i love sharing funny quips on twitter (or general thoughts on pizza), silly stuff on snapchat and the prettiest parts of my life on instagram. but the comparison game is real and alive, and social media often plays a role in that. you know those people you follow because you feel you ought to, but every time you see their photos you groan or have a negative thought? stop. following. those. people.

i'm challenging you to cut the negativity. i read a post on wit & delight called "pride & prejudice in the instagram era" and it inspired me to stop following people who make me feel...meh. people who i kept following because everyone was, but i didn't actually like their content. people whose glamorous lives didn't fill me with wanderlust, but envy.

i stopped following those people because it seems silly to actively put negative energy in my life.it seemed silly to constantly put myself in a state of jealousy or annoyance. a self-imposed cycle of bad vibes. so i stopped. i hit unfollow, i muted people on facebook. and you know what? the world didn't stop turning. no one called me to tell me i'm a terrible person. as far as i know, no one hates me (at least for this). everything kept going, and so did i.

and now i can keep going even stronger. because now there's one less thing to make me feel shitty throughout my days. and that's a pretty powerful feeling. so i challenge you to do the same. unfollow those people who boil your blood. who make you feel less than. who just don't add anything good to your days. because ain't nobody got time for that in 2017.

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