cycling with ease with TIEM

i was provided complimentary TIEM cycling shoes in exchange for this review. all opinions are my own.

if you know me even just a little bit, you know i love spinning. i've been an amabssador for b/spoke studios for the last year, and i've dragged a fair number of my friends to try spinning with me over the years. but even with that dedication, i didn't have my own pair of spinning shoes.

most studios provide complimentary shoes, so i never really thought twice about getting my own. that is until i saw the stylish cycling shoes from TIEM. they aren't the clanky, clickity shoes i wear around my studio normally. these are cycling shoes that look like, well, ultra hip sneakers.
TIEM cycling shoes
i was a little skeptical at first glance. how could a shoe that looked just like a street shoe actually be a good cycling shoe? but the clips are hidden away in the bottom of the sole, making it easy to go straight from the street to class without having to change your shoes.
TIEM review
the shoe is sleek and secure. there's one wide velcro strap that keeps your foot secure throughout your ride. i've never felt wobbly wearing these in my class, and i love that i can hop right off the bike and out of the studio at the end of class. i get to avoid the crazy line to sit down and change shoes, and no one on the street can tell that i've just come from a cycling class (though i'm sure my drenched hair and beet red face give it away).
TIEM cycling shoe review
these are, by far, the best looking cycling shoes out there. the colors are stylish and sporty, and they're super comfortable to walk around in throughout the day too. plus, no more sweaty shoes from the studio! i know cycling shoes are cleaned in between classes, but i like knowing i'm the only one sweating in these cute shoes.
TIEM shoes
what are you waiting for? get yourself a pair asap! you won't regret it.

all photos by sarah blair wilson

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