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did you ever take personality tests? you know, the ones that can help you learn more about the way you interact with others? i'm obsessed with them. i love what they can teach you about yourself. so when the opportunity came up to work with good&co to learn more about my working style, i couldn't pass it up.
good&co is an innovative new app that allows you to take quizzes to help you learn about your working personality. once you take the first quiz, you unlock your custom Strengths Card and discover in-depth insights into your work style and compatibility with other users and companies. each quiz you complete after that offers more in depth insights.
so what did i learn about myself? some of it was well-known to me (i'm an introvert), but i like learning how i can better work with others, how to succeed in my career, and how to become a better leader and improve the overall culture of my workplace.

i think knowing this kind of information is invaluable when it comes to the workplace. the more i learn about myself as an introvert, the better i can lead my team without burning myself out. before i truly started embracing myself as an introvert, i often tried to do too much at work. i couldn't understand why i got so frustrated with people after long periods in a brainstorm session or why i often felt rundown and tired at work. once i realized i needed time to myself to recharge, i became an effective leader. i had clearer ideas and my plans came together more cohesively. everything clicked!
download the app today and learn more about your working style! who knows, maybe this will be the key to the next step in your career!

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