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this post is in collaboration with boston calling. big thanks to the rad people who help me keep this blog going!

it's my favorite time of year: boston calling is right around the corner (literally, on friday), and the city is buzzing getting ready for chance the rapper, bon iver, run the jewels and so many more amazing artists. i. am. so. pumped.

i've been to my fair share of boston calling's in the past, so this year i thought i'd give everyone a bit of advice for the three-day festival. not about which acts to see (though if you'd like that recommendation i can certainly give it to you), but about the more important things in life. like, you know, what to wear. i'm a veteran when it comes to this. last year it went from 100 degrees and sunny on saturday to 50 degrees and drizzly on sunday. i've been to this festival in the pouring rain, seen chilly nights and gotten a few sunburns. honestly, i've seen it all.

thankfully, the weather this year seems to be cooperating nicely (looks like 70s-80s and sunny!), so here are a few outfit ideas to keep you comfy and stylish.


friday is the first day, so the day you'll be feeling the most fresh. obviously, this is time to put the most effort into your outfit. first impressions are key! who knows, maybe chance the rapper will see me and fall in love with my sweet parisian style. or something.
i like keeping a packable hat on hand to block harmful rays (but hi please always apply sunscreen), and this one is great because it's wide brim and doesn't lose it's shape when it's packed into my backpack.
speaking of, small backpacks like this are GREAT for music festivals. this one from madewell can transform into a shoulder bag just by moving the straps, but i like using it as a backpack to keep the weight even distributed on my arms. plus, i can keep a water bottle in there (they have filtered water to refill them on site!), as well as my rain poncho. because lord knows i'll probably need that at some point. toss in a light sweater to keep my arms warm for later in the evening, and i'm ready to go!

day 1 look: hat | scarf | t-shirt | skirt | sandals | backpack


oh boy saturday. have you recovered from your day 1 hangover yet? this is a good day to grab some brunch and rehydrate before you hit the field again. it's also a good day to keep things pretty casual. you're going to be in the sun a lot, so definitely don't forget your sunscreen!
i love that the overall trend is coming back, and this shorts version of them are perrrrfect for romping around the harvard athletic fields in. i like to keep my feet comfortable, but still stylish, so my converse are always my go-to. any day of the week, it's likely you'll see me wearing high-tops so why would this weekend be any different?
a lot of people have asked me about dressing from day-to-night at boston calling. i've found that when you're in the crowds it doesn't get too cool, so i never really worry about my legs. i will always pack a light sweater or jacket though for my inevitable walk back to the train or bar after the shows are done. my field jacket is a classic.

oh and hair? i've been trying to use more clips lately to tie back my hair to minimize the damage, so using one to tie back a bit from my face is the perfect daytime look.


hi, are you dead yet? because usually by sunday i'm feeling a liiiiittle worse for wear. so comfort is the name of the game. this is generally the day where i'll settle back into my standard uniform: jeans and a t-shirt. i'll throw on my denim jacket because 1) my pin collection is real dope, and 2) i have a huge, unabashed love for the canadian tuxedo. sue me. at this point, my friends have all seen me for about 48 hours straight so they're not judging me.
speaking of judging, i get a lot of heat sometimes for my love of birkenstocks. but you know what? i don't care. my feet are all kinds of beat up from running, and the support that birkenstocks give is perfect for my feet. plus, after two straight days of standing, i'll take any ounce of comfort i can get.
i feel like a good, unique pair of sunglasses can pull together an entire outfit, and these blue mirrored ones from madewell go with my ~hippie~ vibe. also by this point in the weekend my hair is probably disgusting from sweat and, you know, life, but i'm generally too lazy to wash it so up it goes! out of my face so i can party party party.

day 3 look: sunglasses | top | jeans | jacket | sandals

there you have it! dressing for a festival like a regular person! so tell me, will i see you there?

all photos by the extremely talented sarah wilson

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