the best superfood snack break

i've been on the go lately (slash let's be honest, all the time). between working, training for a half marathon, and traveling, it feels like it's been nonstop for the last few months. it can be tough to find food i can bring with me that gives me all the nutrients i need, but shine organics has made it way easier.
Shine Organics
shine organics is way more than a snack. each pouch contains a special blend of organic, super ingredients, made to give you everything you need. and the best part, it features all the best ingredients — real fruits and vegetables, chia seeds, and nutritious superfoods. i spotted mine at my local target (right by the applesauce!), and since i started incorporating it into my routine, life hasn't been the same.

it makes the perfect snack to pull out before i head into a meeting thanks to its resealable top. if i can't finish everything before i head out, i'll just close it up and save the rest for later. it's also super convenient to snack on as i leave the gym and head back to my office. i can eat it with one hand and check my phone with the other and sometimes use my eyes to make sure i'm not walking into people. sometimes.
Shine Organics Pouch
plus i love how compact the pouches are! they fit into my purse, my backpack, my gym bag, even in my jean jacket pocket. portability is key (especially when it comes to snacks).

if you want to try them for yourself, i've got you a sweet coupon to make this super affordable healthy treat even more tempting! so head on over to your local target and throw them into your cart and then shop for a million other things you definitely need like five boxes of annie's mac and cheese, like i did.

don't judge.
Shine Organics at Target

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