unlocking and understanding your 401k with blooom

you know what's not super fun to talk about? 401ks. but you know what we're going to talk about today?
i know, i know. but honestly, retirement plans are something i wish we had been forced to take a class about in college, because it would have been seriously helpful. when i got my first job out of college, i danced and celebrated a lot, but i was also thrown into a crazy unknown world where i had to start thinking about retirement. and like, when you're 22, retiring feels infinitely far away, so who cares? i invested as little as possible because hi i'd like to see my paycheck instead of throwing it into some weird account that is supposed to help me in a bajillion years. or so i thought.

thankfully, i've smartened up since i started working and put money into a retirement account regularly, but that doesn't mean any of it makes any more sense than it did seven years ago. am i investing enough money into it? will this REALLY sustain me once i want to retire? and is this kind of account even the right kind of account to be investing in? honestly, it all makes my head spin to think about. this is where blooom comes into the picture.
what is blooom? blooom (yes, three o's) manages your 401k at just $10 a month. why would you need a service to manage your 401k? uh, did you see all my questions above? yeah. wouldn't you rather focus on the important things in your life? like, you know, food. or vacation? or literally anything else?

blooom offers a free analysis that walks you through the complex world of 401ks. it provides easy to understand information about where your money is currently, and where it's going next. and, most importantly, blooom is using its technological advantages (it's actually a start-up out of kansas city founded by retirement experts!) to bring expert knowledge to the masses. because retiring shouldn't be something that's totally unattainable for average people, amirite?
Blooom 401k service
so instead of worrying about whether or not your 401k is going to sustain you when it comes time to retire, why not let blooom worry about that stuff so you can get on with life? you know, important things. like celebrating your dog's birthday. because OH YEAH today is toby's 8th birthday so YAY TOBY!

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