the perfect morning omelette with stella cheese

omelettes are intimidating. like. i don't care what people say, they can be so hard to make without breaking or undercooking. and then trying to find the right cheese to go with it? forget it. for a while i figured it was just easier to go out and order an omelette at a restaurant and call it a day.

but when the folks at stella cheese challenged me to come up with a recipe featuring their amazing new cheeses, i thought now was the time to learn once and for all. but first, the cheese. the new stella cheese packaging is truly world class, especially the shaved parmesan i ended up using in my omelette. simply reaching into the container to sprinkle my cheese made everything so much easier. inspired by the Italian countryside, their new stella packaging is an inspiration to make every day gourmet. like you can be fancy and have the world's fanciest brunch at HOME. plus, stella cheeses are flavorful and combine old world craftsmanship with rich dairy heritage, dating back to 1923.
ok but onto the recipe! i created a little video to give you the run down on how to do things, but here's what you'll need:

2 eggs
2 t butter (i use salted)
a few handfuls of stella shaved parmesan cheese
about 1/4-1/3 cup of sauteed mushrooms
salt and pepper to taste

no, i'm not kidding you. that's IT. the real key is in the process.
1) whisk two eggs rapidly until light and fluffy. some people like to add a few teaspoons of milk or cream or water, but i don't think it's always necessary. do you, friends.
2) heat a small- to medium-sized (8 inches is ideal) nonstick pan over medium heat and melt your butter. you'll know it's ready when you drop in a drop of water and the butter hisses.
3) add in your eggs and tilt the pan so the eggs coat the entire base of the pan. gently lift the edges with a rubber spatula so it gets evenly coated.
4) leave it alone. seriously. don't touch it. don't scramble with it. just leave it be.
5) once it resembles a bright yellow pancake, it's time to flip it. using a rubber spatula, gently loosen the sides and flop that baby over.
6) add your stella cheese to one half, and then add in your sauteed mushrooms (or whatever else it is you put in your omelette).
7) gently fold your omelette in half and turn the heat off. let the pan remain on the heat to help melt your cheese and then slide the omelette out of your pan.
8) enjoy!
if you want to be fancy and serve your omelette like they do in brunch places, add a bit of leafy green to the side. but the stella cheese helps elevate this omelette on its own. the saltiness of the parmesan is the perfect addition to the earthiness of the mushrooms and creates an elegant breakfast treat.

and there you have it! from start to finish, it probably only takes about 7 minutes to make these omelettes, so know that the perfect, gourmet breakfast doesn't have to take you all morning. and now i'll be making omelettes for everyone at all times from here on out.

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